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New blog feeds

I have been receiving several complaints about problems with my
blog feeds particularly in Bloglines. People have also complained
about the accessibility of my blog itself in terms of the uptime of
the server on which it is hosted. I have done two things to make
things better.

  1. I have started an atom feed in addition to the RSS feed. So if you
    have a problem reading my blog in Bloglines, you could unsubcribe from
    the old RSS feed and subscribe to the new atom feed:
  2. I have also begun mirroring my blog at WordPress. The blog address
    and the RSS feed is My
    reason for choosing WordPress rather than Blogspot is that WordPress
    allowed me to import all my old blog posts while Blogspot does not
    allow me to do so. As of now, I first post on my regular blog and then
    cross-post on WordPress as soon as possible.


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