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Comments have been enabled again

I am happy to inform my readers that I have finally enabled
comments once again on my main blog site. I had to disable comments
temporarily last month after somebody starting spamming me at the rate
of one spam comment every minute. It took me 45 minutes to realize
what was happening and disable comments. It took much longer to
manually take out the offending comments. Had he done it at a time
when I was not watching, he might have had a comment spam on every one
of my blog posts!. I used to think that my CAPTCHA’s will stop
spam, but they stop only automated spam. They do not stop somebody who
starts spamming manually.

It took me a lot longer to write some code in my blogging software
to allow comments to be moderated. I have now done this and tested it
out. It seems to work. Please email me if there are any problems.

It is my intention to use moderation only to filter out spam. I do
not mince words on my blog and I do not expect you to mince words in
the comments. Comments are also moderated on my WordPress mirror.


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